Friday, October 9, 2009

Jilian & Jay | Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

I must admit, I was really looking forward to Jilian and Jay's wedding. Jilian and Jay are part of a great group of friends and acquaintances whose weddings I've been photographing since 2007. I won't go into the details but let's just say it's great to get passed around from one awesome couple to the next. So first, off I owe Whitney and Maurice from 2007 for getting this ball rolling.

Jilian, Jay and I had a great engagement shoot at their home and neighborhood of Northern Liberties earlier this year. I also happen to love the restaurant group where Jilian works in the office for Zahav, Xochitl and soon to come Percy Street BBQ.

I love having couples who fully embrace what I try to do as a photographer. I really hate formulas and love discovering whatever is unique about a couple and their situation and their wedding day and photographing in a style and approach that works for them and their day. There's an extra level of artistic freedom that comes from feeling really in sync with the moment as opposed to putting on a formula approach.

So as Jilian's getting her makeup put on I see she's in front of this gorgeous toned wallpaper with a perfect combination of light from the window and a nearby lamp. It just made for a gorgeous place to follow her range of expressions and emotions as the nerves and excitement progressed toward the big ceremony moment. I played with blur, color, traditional black and white and even some antique wet-plate negative look. (Anything you see here that is blurry is done so intentionally for a more impressionistic or abstract look. There's almost always a non-blurry version as well.)

From there the day, despite the massive rainstorm before the ceremony that soaked the ground, was light and fun and relaxed, just like they wanted. The location of Historic Waynesboro was lovely and gorgeous as the sun set.

A full slideshow is (here).

Woohoo!!!! I love them! Thank you thank you. We were enjoying them over and over together last night. I am especially happy to see that it really reflects us and our personalities, and is a great representation of the party we had. I guess this is "documenting.." :) We were thoroughly impressed and have so many favorites! Thank for for everything - you are awesome!
–– Jilian

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