Friday, October 9, 2009

Lauren & Josh | Philadelphia Wedding Photography

Non-traditional. That's the way Lauren described pretty much every aspect of her wedding. The dress isn't white, the "rehearsal dinner" is going to be on the evening of the wedding, wedding party pictures were going to be in a cemetery, no aisle, the ceremony is going to be very short – 2 minutes and 17 seconds as it turned out – performed by a friend, in the middle of the reception at some point, no cake, no formal father-daughter dance.

And it was a lot of fun. Non-traditional, in all it's many forms, doesn't have to lack meaning, in many ways it becomes a rather meaningful event. Couples who really go for non-traditional weddings tend to talk a lot more about why they're getting married or what it means then worrying about colors and themes and other more traditional elements. Not to say there's anything wrong with traditional weddings, in all their many forms. Non-traditional is just a fun time showcasing a couple's personality in a very individualistic way. I love 'em both and love it when they get blended together with elements that give homage to something older and bigger than the current moment or trend but also embraces the current moment and uniqueness of the couple.

Enough about me, on to Lauren & Josh.

Full slideshow (here)

This is awesome. I am so excited. It took my breath away when I watched it. Everyone is absolutely blown away by your work. Josh friends typically don't care about this type of stuff but even they are impressed.
–– Lauren

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