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Saturday, November 28, 2009

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We're going to hold off on new blog posts as we finalize our new, MUCH improved blog format. December is going to bring some cool announcements tailor made for a new, and did I mention MUCH improved, blog format.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blair & Ryan | Philadelphia, New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Really, I love all the couples I work with but I really love couples like Blair and Ryan. No nonsense, to the point kind of folks. They both work crazy-intense jobs out on the left coast but that didn't alter the enthusiasm and confidence they had for turning their wedding into an awesome, fun, beautiful day with friends and family at the Seaview Resort and Spa down at the NJ Shore.

Initially, I met with Blair's mom who was an absolute blast. I rarely meet with parents before the wedding but Beverly was a perfect fit in my world and I knew that once I met Blair and Ryan they'd be great too. It's funny when moms and daughters are similar. It seems that many of the brides I work with have smooth, fun relationships with their moms. Not sure where all this myth of crazy bridezillas and their crazy moms came from. The no nonsense manner has extended past the wedding, I'm seeing the happy couple this week to get their album started, and that is a record that I don't think will ever be topped. Album finalizing in less than 8 weeks after the wedding.

Sometimes, I just really love the classic look of straight black and white toned images. There's something just really timeless about the look of black and white. Then other times it comes off as a bit too sterile somehow and I'll want to bring an extra something to a set of images. As I was prepping these for the blog I got to thinking that they needed some more 'love' so I added a rich warm tone to them. I think it really fits here.

A full highlight slideshow is (here).

Scott! AMAZING work! I didn't expect anything less. You are a true artist. Everyone is raving about the highlights. ...You captured every moment, most of which I didn't realize you were capturing, just as it felt. Thank you, thank you, thank you again.
To reiterate: exquisite work! We are so happy we used you.

-- Blair

Getting in a practice run before....

the real thing....

Monday, November 16, 2009

Portraits | Philadelphia Wedding & Portrait Photographer

I've had some fun portrait sessions lately. The first couple were of the cute and small variety. I was in Dallas at a conference of other Badass wedding photographers, a community of like-minded, non-traditional wedding photogs. While there, I also spent time with family and some old, dear friends and of course that means pictures of the little ones. These first couple are of my niece, Ally. She's almost two and is, as you can see, terribly cute and expressive.

The next little one is the daughter of a friend from college. Joel and Michelle's baby girl, Ruby Ofelia, was born about 3 months before my wife and I had our son, Ari Milo. We were still well into the naming process at the time and were wowed by their beautiful and cool choice of a name. I can't wait to see what they come up with for their baby boy, due any minute now.

The last set of portraits was also cute but more of the grown-up and talented variety. Hagit Caspi contacted me to take some pictures of her for her work as a flutist. Hagit is Israeli and recently moved to Philly with her husband as he works on his post-doc. in History. So if you need a good flutist, I can hook you up.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Proud Papa

I just gotta brag. This is my little boy, Ari Milo, from a few weeks ago. Walking across the parking lot I couldn't get over his awesomeness. A full-proper, not taken with an iPhone, fashion shoot is in the works.

Sarah & Joe | Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

During our initial conversations almost a year ago, Sarah, via her sister, gave me one of the coolest compliments I could hope to get. Sarah's sister is in charge of post-production at Art & Commerce. Art & Commerce is one of the premier advertising photography agencies in New York. So when Sarah told me that after showing Kate, a fine photographer in her own right, several websites for Philadelphia area photographers Kate told Sarah "don't talk to anyone but Scott." It's not that I knew Kate at all, it's just that it seemed we were on the same wavelength of craft, intent and vision. And if anyone has seen and understands good, high-quality photography it's someone like Kate.

Some photographers talk about not liking to work for other photographers or people whose close relatives are photographers because there's a fellow photographer in the family, fearing an extra level of criticism or knit-pickyness. (This is my fourth photographer, or photographer's sibling in the past three years whose wedding I've documented.) But for me, it's the opposite. Because Sarah, with the personal/professional endorsement by Kate, trusted my vision and work, I felt even freer to work without hesitation or anxiety or worry. (To be honest, I never work with anxiety or worry but it's extra nice when I have such an outspoken trust in the relationship.) It's really what I strive for with EVERY client, trust and confidence. When I know my clients trust me and have confidence in my work, I have trust and confidence that they want me to, as so many say, "do my thing." And that's when the fun starts!

I have basically had our slideshow on replay since you sent it. I laughed, I cried ... incredible!

I am not sure if we have the right words to express our gratitude to you for these amazing images. You certainly catured the story and the emotion of our day. You went above and beyond what anyone could ever ask of you. Plus, I think you set a new land speed record for getting images prepared. You have a talent for being everywhere at once and invisible all at the same time. However, and I think even more importantly, you have a demeanor that is gentle and familiar and it puts everyone at ease.

The flowers have faded, and the dress is packed away, but we will have "our story" forever, and we cannot thank you enough for that gift!

A full Slideshow of highlights is (here).


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