Friday, October 26, 2007

busy busy busy

We're deep in the chaos of the busiest month of the year with lots of fall weddings, 2008 bookings and albums needing to get done for the slideshows and updates on their way. well, soon. in theory.

Monday, October 15, 2007

New slideshows.....

Note the new slideshows from Whitney & Maury and Lara & Shawn....

More to come in the coming weeks!!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Double header

Not that I'm a baseball fan but it seemed seasonal.....This weekend was the first of two two wedding weekends this month. Congrats to Whitney & Maury and Lara & Shawn. And as if a wedding could have had a scripted ending, the picture of Whitney and Maury, at top, was literally the last moment on the dance floor.

Having just gotten married myself last summer, inevitably I pull out the high school essay question of compare and contrast when shooting a couple's wedding. Whitney & Maury made me jealous of their cake idea. Instead of a wedding cake, they had different cakes at every table. Brilliant and tasty. Lara & Shawn's wedding reminded me of how emotional and joyous a wedding can be. It reminded me of how dizzy you can feel from a daylong rush of joy.

On deck, to continue the baseball theme, are Alicia and Victor. Can't wait for this one. They're a couple with lots of dramatic ideas and style. I can't say anything too specific as there's a surprise in store for the guests.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

old friends, new adventures pt. 2

After the visit to NC, Caroline and I went off to CT to my friend Corey's wedding. I could write a bunch about how beautiful and spiritual and fun it was but the picture here kind of says it all.

And I'm waiting on a picture of me, dangling 15 feet up on a ladder nailed to a tree to make this fine image.

old friends, new adventures

So the past couple weeks have been great for catching up with old friends. I first went to Raleigh, NC to visit some old colleagues from my newspaper days as well as visit my friend and colleague, Missy McLamb and her new beautiful studio/gallery space. I also spoke to a group of photographers organized by another friend and colleague Christobal Perez in the Triangle area about finding a sense of personal style as a photographer. I shot my first big time college basketball game, Duke vs. UNC, with Christobal about 8 years ago and now we're both running our own businesses and having a great time, continuing to grow, learn and make great pictures. Doing talks like these are always educational for me because I get to go back through some recent work to remind myself of who I am and to discover who I'm becoming as a photographer, and a person. It's good, fun, enlightening, surprising and rewarding to give back to a community.


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