Tuesday, October 2, 2007

old friends, new adventures

So the past couple weeks have been great for catching up with old friends. I first went to Raleigh, NC to visit some old colleagues from my newspaper days as well as visit my friend and colleague, Missy McLamb and her new beautiful studio/gallery space. I also spoke to a group of photographers organized by another friend and colleague Christobal Perez in the Triangle area about finding a sense of personal style as a photographer. I shot my first big time college basketball game, Duke vs. UNC, with Christobal about 8 years ago and now we're both running our own businesses and having a great time, continuing to grow, learn and make great pictures. Doing talks like these are always educational for me because I get to go back through some recent work to remind myself of who I am and to discover who I'm becoming as a photographer, and a person. It's good, fun, enlightening, surprising and rewarding to give back to a community.

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