Monday, November 16, 2009

Portraits | Philadelphia Wedding & Portrait Photographer

I've had some fun portrait sessions lately. The first couple were of the cute and small variety. I was in Dallas at a conference of other Badass wedding photographers, a community of like-minded, non-traditional wedding photogs. While there, I also spent time with family and some old, dear friends and of course that means pictures of the little ones. These first couple are of my niece, Ally. She's almost two and is, as you can see, terribly cute and expressive.

The next little one is the daughter of a friend from college. Joel and Michelle's baby girl, Ruby Ofelia, was born about 3 months before my wife and I had our son, Ari Milo. We were still well into the naming process at the time and were wowed by their beautiful and cool choice of a name. I can't wait to see what they come up with for their baby boy, due any minute now.

The last set of portraits was also cute but more of the grown-up and talented variety. Hagit Caspi contacted me to take some pictures of her for her work as a flutist. Hagit is Israeli and recently moved to Philly with her husband as he works on his post-doc. in History. So if you need a good flutist, I can hook you up.

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