Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wall Street Journal Assignment | Philadelphia Photojournalist

The other night I shot a fun, if a bit wacky, assignment for the Wall Street Journal. I spent the evening at the Phillies game, yes the one with a 21 run margin of victory, with this guy Zack Hample. Zack's a ballhawker. He chases, catches, begs for, finds or otherwise gets his hands on Major League baseballs during and before games. I have to admit I'm not much of a baseball fan, I just don't get it so this I really don't get. But one of the cool things about being a journalist is the chance to get access into all sorts of unexpected places, subcultures and meet a vast array of people and learn just a bit about a passion or their place in the world. The story, which touches on some of the "controversial" aspects of the ballhawking subject, and the pictures are {here}.

(Update: If you see the print edition please forgive the edit staff at the WSJ, that picture they published is NOT mine. It's not the strangest thing in the world for commissioned pictures not to get published, as it goes the photography department, and myself, were very happy with the slideshow that did get published online)

And here's a couple outtakes that I liked.

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