Thursday, July 23, 2009

Min Jung & Steve | Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Min Jung and Steve had an intimate wedding for close family and friends at the Four Seasons in Center City. It was a quiet afternoon but no less meaningful. I think the slower pace of the day actually allowed for everyone to take in the meaning of the moment even more.

They were hoping to run around Center City after the wedding but if you were here in Philly in May and June you know there weren't many nice weekends. So we put the post-ceremony portraits off until the weather got better and went over to Longwood Gardens. If you haven't been, go. It's pretty gorgeous there, especially right around sunset. The greenhouses house an amazing array of plants and flowers that'll brighten up a dreary winter weekend once that comes back around in a few months.

In case you're wondering, Min Jung made all of these tissue paper flowers, above, herself. It took many late nights for her and her sister to get it all done in the weeks leading up to the wedding but the extra touch of a something hand made brought a nice personal touch to the luncheon space.

It may be just me and my brief time playing cello in middle school orchestra and my regrets of giving it up for my then love of Black Sabbath and Billy Idol, don't ask, but when I look through this shoot at Longwood, I hear cello music. It's surely partly due to the setting but there's something about the layered, dramatic and whimsical aspects of the pictures that connects me to why I love the cello as an instrument. Ok. Enough of that artsy stuff.

This picture above may challenge some people's ideas of a proper portrait but it's actually one of my recent favorites. I think the blur combined with the beautiful warm light of sunset makes for a dreamy image. I love working on the edges of what's possible. It doesn't always bring in a winner but when it does I think it is elevated beyond the norm. It's about making that creative connection in the moment.


m.a. said...

pe5th down is so dope

Scott said...

thanks man. i assume you mean the 5th one down, unless "pe5th" is some hipster speak i'm unaware of.


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