Thursday, July 9, 2009

Just diggin on some love

I love my clients. Really I do. A lot of friends or people I've just met ask me if "dealing" with brides is just as awful as they would imagine. I typically ask them if "dealing" with their friends is an awful experience. Well, that's what the vast majority of my clients are like. There's never been a day since I started doing weddings full-time a couple years ago that I dreaded talking with a client because they were a bridezilla or some other terrible cliche. And yes, like many of my fine colleagues out there, I get plenty of love and compliments from clients once they see their wedding pictures. But here's where, for me, it goes the extra mile – cause I get love notes like this nearly a year after a wedding from Lily who came to me via a chain of recommendations that took her from photographers in Florida and New Mexico before finding me just down the road from her family horse farm in New Jersey.

I'm working on my album right now and I just had to email you quickly to state the obvious: your photos are just breath-taking, Scott. It brings me incalculable joy to look at the pictures of my dashing Pete on our wedding day.

This note is particularly meaningful because Pete is serving another tour of duty leading troops on the ground in Iraq. I won't be so bold as to say that this helps her stay closer to him while he's away but maybe it does help the time go by a little faster.

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