Friday, July 24, 2009

Anna & Sean | Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Anna & Sean continue my theme of easy going, love to have around clients. In the weeks leading up to their big day at the John J. Audubon Center in Audubon, we met at the site to go over details of the day and take in the landscape. This is the center's first event season and they were still putting the final touches on the outdoor space. Touches like building the bathrooms. Regardless, Anna & Sean were mellow, concerned but mellow, about it all. It was a sign of how they handle stress and dealing with what they can and can't control. Sure enough, by the time the wedding rolled around the grounds looked great and the bathrooms were working, more or less.

The cocktail hour was held in this ancient converted barn that had some of the most killer light I've ever seen, not to mention this amazing backdrop that felt like something out of Tuscany. It rocked, as did Urban Gorilla Orchestra. I hadn't worked with these guys before but they were impressive. Overall the night was a blast.

A full slideshow is (here).

These are amazing! There are so many beautiful shots!

I sent these to one of my friends (who was in the wedding) and this
was her response (I have to say I feel the same way):

"OH MY GOD. omg, those are the most beautiful pics ive ever seen.
i wish i used your photographer! im just ok with mine....we JUST got
our mockup album and theres no pretty black and whites like how your
guy made the pics so like etherreal and flowy

They really are unbelievable.
–– Anna

A brief but rather strong shower rolled through right in the middle of the ceremony. Remember what I said about these guys being laid back and not getting stressed over what can't be controlled.

Things got a little emotional when Sean's brother had a personal reading during the ceremony.

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