Monday, May 18, 2009

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yes, I know, my blog titles are riveting. This Spring has been pretty hopping around here with album designs, a regular flow of prints, weddings and some recent editorial work. The most recent editorial piece ran in today's Wall Street Journal. It was actually a fun fast assignment when the picture editor called me around 1pm and said I could work on this over the weekend if I wanted to. I, however, had 2 weddings this weekend so there was no having of that. I got the call about 1:30, hopped to it and was done by dinnertime. It was actually rather fun being thrown a random challenge that had to be figured out and executed with no time to plan, think, coordinate or lollygag. I met up with Philadelphia Councilman Clarke and Mayor Nutter and did some street shooting of some buildings around Center City for a story about the local real estate tax abatement issue. Here's a link to the pictures on the WSJ website.

Another editorial assignment was really cool. I spent some time photograping Jack Witherington whose business is building anything Timber Frame. My very limited understanding of this construction style is that it does not involve any nails. I won't pretend to understand how that works at all. Jack started the business in the late 1990s after losing some clients in another economic downturn and turned the loss of income into an opportunity to invest in himself and his own passion. Today he has a thriving business doing what he loves. I really admire guys like Jack who see change as not just the end of something or a disaster but rather an opportunity to try something new. That's how I got into moving from editorial photography into weddings and I can't imagine what it was like going to work.

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