Tuesday, May 12, 2009

gettin' geared up

I feel like a bull about to charge. Stomping the ground, getting ready to get serious about business. The next four weeks will see five weddings, including a trip to Florida's Marco Island for one of the weddings. In the midst of all this me and the family are going to sneak in a little get away after Rachel and Dan's wedding in Florida.

I had to feel for these guys, a month ago I didn't know Rachel or Dan, but they knew my friend Kevin in Chicago. Thanks to the World Health Organization's ranking of the Swine Flu as a massive pandemic, Rachel and Dan felt that it wouldn't be right to ask their guests to travel to their well planned wedding along the Mexican Riviera when no one really knew what this apparently nasty virus was all about. I was happy that I was available and could squeeze them into a rather busy month and give my wife a few days on the beach as well. I can't wait to meet them in person next Friday at the rehearsal dinner, as soon as they find a place! Not that I can't wait for all my other weddings but I haven't met these guys yet and they're doing a great job of managing a rather stressful series of events with a lot of grace. I'm sure we'll hear all sorts of great stories Friday night.

Meantime, I'll be getting geared up for local weddings at the John J. Audubon Center, the Four Seasons, The Curtis Center and the Park Hyatt at The Bellevue!!!

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