Thursday, April 23, 2009

Contest Wins

I'm happy to announce that I picked up two awards in the fourth quarter of the WPJA contest.

This first image was from Leilani and Pete's wedding in December. I'd been waiting for a bride with to don one of these awesome birdcage veils. They always look great in pictures, they give off a sophisticated, classic vibe and Leilani rocked it with grace.

This pic was from Heather and Ben's wedding last October. It was a moment that I grabbed as we were finishing up portraits in Old City. These guys wanted to have a casual time getting pics of the wedding party in the city so we spent an hour just walking the neighborhoods around Old City. The light was awesome and this scene just emerged. It's one of those classic examples of a situation that I just know will yield a great image if I just sit back and wait and boom, there it is. Typically a picture would put the bride as the central focus, and most of the time that's definitely the case. But what I like here is that Heather's not the immediate center of interest but is the second point of interest in the image. For me it makes the picture a bit deeper as an image to explore and find the surprise, of sorts, of the bride in the shadows of the background.

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