Monday, December 22, 2008

Genny & Jake l Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Genny and Jake called me soon after they returned from a global trek, and lots of pictures, and said they knew that they wanted a photographer who would be able to capture something real for their wedding. They're a couple who clearly want to experience life, not watch others have all the fun. And so, we were a perfect match for each other.

Their ceremony and reception were held at the Loews in downtown Philadelphia, the renovated historic 1932 PSFS building, the nation's first modern skyscraper.. The ballroom is a reminder that banks were once serious places. A very swank location for a swank couple.

From Genny's mother:
"You have captured the real spirit of my girl. There are shots of her that touch my heart because the little girl she was appears in her grown-up body. I just can't thank you enough for all of the beautiful prints, you caught every special moment, yet I don't even remember seeing you! thank you so much for being so good at your craft, I'm so glad she found you. "

Show (here).

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