Monday, December 22, 2008

Betsy & Geoff l Philadelphia Wedding Photographer

Betsy and Geoff's wedding brought me back to the Union League to continue this fall's run of great weddings and couples. After their ceremony at St. Augustine's we all got to walk around the Independence Mall area. One of my favorite times to photograph is dusk, in the fall, on a cloudy day. There's this beautiful period of time where all the shadows go blue and everything is super saturated and rich in tone.

I would've gotten the post of their wedding up sooner but I've been toiling away trying to get all their Christmas prints done in time. It's always awesome when a couple or their family orders lots of prints. It's a whole other level of enthusiasm when they start ordering prints within a few hours of seeing the images online. I love it!

So a few weeks before their wedding, I get a call from Geoff asking if I would have some time to shoot a picture of Betsy's favorite spot in Philadelphia along Kelly Drive. They do their daily run along the river here, as do many of my clients along with half of the under-40 crowd in the city, and this view is Betsy's favorite. It just so happens that Geoff's timing couldn't have been better as the leaves were at their peak of turning color which made for an amazing contrast of red against the blue sky at the end of the day. We did a canvas print, which arrived Friday morning in the nick of time for Saturday's wedding. You can see below as Betsy shares the print with her bridesmaids after Geoff had it delivered to her hotel suite on the wedding day.

Enjoy the show (here).

It's one thing to say a couple is nice and good hearted because you get along with them. It's a whole other thing to see them in action against a really unexpected and possibly unpleasant situation. So after doing the portraits around Independence Mall the wedding party hopped into their small chartered bus to head over to the reception while Geoff, Betsy and I waited for their car service to pick us up. And we waited, and waited and waited. The car never came. So after walking the streets for a bit looking for other possible places where the car and driver could have gotten off to, below, these guys didn't let it get to them, didn't get angry or flustered. They just rolled with it, and we hailed a cab back to the Union League. Now this is keeping what really important at the top of the list.

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