Monday, October 13, 2008

Heather & Ben

Heather and Ben had a Phillycentric wedding a couple weeks ago. They started at the Westin in Center City then we walked around Old City with the bridal party getting honks and shouts of congrats from those doing typical Saturday things like taking the Duck Boat tours and sitting at sidewalk cafes. The ceremony was at the historic Christ Church. I'm not sure, but I'm gonna bet than Ben Franklin and other early attendees of this church never envisioned a Jewish chuppah as part of a wedding ceremony there. But the reality today of so many interfaith couples brings forth all sorts of new opportunities for all of us. Then the reception was held at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Elegant, fun and down to earth, just like the couple themselves. And Kendall at Eclatante Design ran a tight ship keeping everything stress free.

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Being a photojournalist, I've always been rather earnest about my approach to photography. I believe in capturing the true unaffected moment. I don't like thinking about how to alter my images after they're made. There's something that feels cheap and easy about needing a filter or some series of effects in order to make the picture gorgeous or stop people. Ultimately it's just about pushing buttons as opposed to capturing something real and in the moment. And when it is real and in the moment why mess it up by altering the reality you worked so hard to capture. Anyway, I just really love this first image of Heather. It's not notably altered in photoshop. It's toned lighter than I would most of my images but that's always a subjective task. To me she's a cross between Marilyn Monroe and a Roy Lichtenstein painting.

When I was in my first job at a small but very creative and influential group of newspapers outside of Chicago we were always trying to take our work further. Even on the most mundane of assignments we always worked for that National Geographic kind of image that blended artistry with storytelling. We didn't always get there but the process was fun. One photographer on staff did a story on the local donut shop. He spent time there every morning for a week or so documenting the regulars and the kids and all the various happenings in the shop. Our editor was working with him to elevate this to something special, just cause they could. He kept talking about the "yum" picture. The picture that summed up just how good those donuts were. The picture that allows you to taste the donuty goodness. The picture they chose was a little paper plate with a half eaten donut on it, crumbs all over. It really took you into that space of tasting the sugary goodness of a fresh baked donut. So, what the heck do donuts have to do with this wedding. Nothing really. But, one of my favorite pictures to look for at a wedding is the picture at the end of the night of one of the tables. It isn't always there but sometimes it is. The picture that somehow takes you to the feeling of having just been at a rockin' party with all the memories and stories floating in the air outside the frame.

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