Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Big things

Odds are you are here because you're interested in wedding photography. In the posts below and on my website you'll find plenty on that subject. But I want to draw your attention to what should be a very exciting and no doubt powerful story that will be unveiled worldwide on October 3.

James Nachtwey
, the greatest photographer of human conflict ever, received a $100,000 prize from the TED foundation. With that money, Nachtwey has been working on an uncovered story that he believes needs to be known. If this man thinks I need to know about it, he's right. Very few people have witnessed the range and depth of humanity's greatness and the depth and depravity of just how dark and awful human nature can be. He has photographed every human conflict of global significance since documenting the "troubles" in Northern Ireland in the 1980s. He stands as the greatest testament to the simple yet powerful driving force of photojournalism: To Bear Witness. There's no doubt that this story is important and there's even less doubt that the images will be powerful and heart rending. I will prep you that these pictures may not be easy to look at. Not because they're gruesome, but because they will tear at your soul like so much of his work has done. You will likely not forget seeing these images.

You may have picked up that I've spent most of my career as a photojournalist. Not doing the kind of work that he does but focusing my work at newspapers in Michigan, New Mexico, Illinois and North Carolina. I took time away from that part of my career in launching the wedding business a few years ago to enjoy time with my wife, and now my newborn son. I have continued to do some work in photojournalism and will be increasing my efforts to more of that in the next year. But on October 3 you should take a minute and check this out, either in person or online.

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