Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blair & Ryan | Philadelphia, New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Really, I love all the couples I work with but I really love couples like Blair and Ryan. No nonsense, to the point kind of folks. They both work crazy-intense jobs out on the left coast but that didn't alter the enthusiasm and confidence they had for turning their wedding into an awesome, fun, beautiful day with friends and family at the Seaview Resort and Spa down at the NJ Shore.

Initially, I met with Blair's mom who was an absolute blast. I rarely meet with parents before the wedding but Beverly was a perfect fit in my world and I knew that once I met Blair and Ryan they'd be great too. It's funny when moms and daughters are similar. It seems that many of the brides I work with have smooth, fun relationships with their moms. Not sure where all this myth of crazy bridezillas and their crazy moms came from. The no nonsense manner has extended past the wedding, I'm seeing the happy couple this week to get their album started, and that is a record that I don't think will ever be topped. Album finalizing in less than 8 weeks after the wedding.

Sometimes, I just really love the classic look of straight black and white toned images. There's something just really timeless about the look of black and white. Then other times it comes off as a bit too sterile somehow and I'll want to bring an extra something to a set of images. As I was prepping these for the blog I got to thinking that they needed some more 'love' so I added a rich warm tone to them. I think it really fits here.

A full highlight slideshow is (here).

Scott! AMAZING work! I didn't expect anything less. You are a true artist. Everyone is raving about the highlights. ...You captured every moment, most of which I didn't realize you were capturing, just as it felt. Thank you, thank you, thank you again.
To reiterate: exquisite work! We are so happy we used you.

-- Blair

Getting in a practice run before....

the real thing....

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hadanae said...

Hello Scott, I'm a wedding photographer assistant and all your work is an inspiration!! really really awesome. Thank you!


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