Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Great ideas

So I just realized that I've been a bad blogger and have been silent here for a while. Doing lots of work with marketing and new endeavors while keeping pace with lots of client prints and albums. Completing an album for a client is great fun. It's often a lot of work but it provides a great sense of completion. The album is the finished thought and I feel like a proud papa every time I put together an album that tells this story of a couple and the marks the beginning of their new life. I know that this album will serve as a benchmark for this family's history. It's like I'm putting something valuable off onto the sea. I probably won't see the album again but i do stay in touch with many couples and love to hear how their lives have evolved since the wedding. And now that I'm settling into life here in Philadelphia I look forward to calls from wedding couples once the babies start arriving. I would love to photograph all the babies that have been born to past couples, but they all live elsewhere.

Some news on the home front here in that I've added my first official member of the team. Annie Norton joins me here in the studio to help with a number of efforts from post-production to marketing and whatever else comes screaming down the pipeline. She's a great addition to the growth of the business and I look forward to seeing how she helps me grow.

I found this great blog post. In light of today's economic craziness, planning a wedding is surely an extra stressful affair. I know lots of people are holding off on big decisions. It's hard for everyone this year and every penny and choice seems to count ten-fold more. I'm sensitive to this kind of stress in my own life and even more so in my business. So if you're planning your wedding and you don't think you can make your ideas happen, don't worry. There are many ways to solve these problems and still walk away with a perfect wedding with everything you would want. Check out these great ideas from some folks out west.

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Portland Style Unveiled said...

Thank you for the mention, Scott! We are happy you loved our list of ways to have an economical wedding :)


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