Monday, July 21, 2008

Kelly & Joe

Kelly and Joe are one of those great couples you're just happy to get the chance to know, and photograph. They're both big, fun personalities and a great fit for each other. Their ceremony was at the Wayne Presbyterian Church, followed with a trolley ride to their alma mater St. Joseph's and then off to the Aronimink Golf Club for the reception. I added a classic Tintype treatment to a few of the images for fun, something different but not overly trendy. One thing I actually really like about this first picture, is the obvious tension in Kelly's face. Sure, as you can see in the slideshow, there's plenty of joy and happiness here. But the wedding day is about a lot of stuff and I'm there to tell the story of that stuff. A friend of mine who has no direct relation to photography or weddings, outside of our 20 year friendship, but is a musician, once commented that the weddings he saw on my site had three stages. Anticipation, Reverence and Exaltation. I thought it pretty well summed up most wedding day experiences. There's highs and lows and the fun is showing both in varying ways. So to see Kelly go from feeling the tension of having run 1.5 hours behind schedule as she was getting ready at home to the explosion of joy on the trolley immediately following the ceremony and then see her blissful while dancing w/ Joe is such a perfect narrative and artistic arc.

Here's the show.

This is the last event for a few weeks as I'm taking plenty of time to prepare for the arrival of our first baby in mid-August so things may be a bit quiet on the blog front for a few weeks.

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