Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Heartbreakingly good

A new piece on Mediastorm's website, Common Ground, began 14 years ago by Scott Strazzante. Scott and I worked together during my three years with a small newspaper group on the outer reaches of the Chicago suburbs. Scott followed the simple life and ultimate ending of a family farm and then years later came back and followed the life of a family that moved into the subdivision that was built on the farmland. This work, which was also published recently in National Geographic, is hearbreakingly good. In a world where perfection is sought and rarely achieved this is a perfect story. It's told with passion, bravado and heart. I'm proud to say that I worked with Scott, and to have gone to grad school with Mediastorm's President Brian Storm whose passion for photography and storytelling know no bounds. And while you're at the site, check out all the other amazing stories.

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