Thursday, September 18, 2008

Janine & Scott

Janine's face probably still hurts from her wedding to Scott at the Knowlton Mansion in Philadelphia. Most brides spend the day smiling pretty intensely. I know that my cheeks were sore the day after my wedding. But Janine's smile starts in her toes and her laugh is the kind of belly laugh that comes from a confident woman who's not afraid to let you know she's loving the moment. Not to mention that she looks like she just fell out of a Dutch Masters painting. She and Scott are perfect compliments to each other. Their day, including the false fire alarm in the hotel and the remnants of Hurricane Hannah pushing everything indoors, was perfectly fun. And, again, much love to Donna and her team at Beautiful Blooms who rocked some seriously gorgeous floral arrangements of deep reds and purples. The room took everyone's breath away, most notably Janine's (see below)!

I typically get hugs of thanks from brides as we've traveled the journey of the day together and I am witness to all the "stuff" on the wedding day. It's always great at the end of the night when a groom pushes my handshake aside and throws a hug saying I was like family. A great reward for folks who'd yet to see the product of all that hanging around with a camera to my face.

Janine and Scott's slideshow is (here). (And that's not my double use of Bubbly by Colbie Callait, it was their first dance song, as it was for Andrea and Tim.

This is Janine's reaction upon seeing her reception space at the Mansion filled with family, friends and gorgeous flowers.

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david zaveloff said...

Someone brought their A game ;)


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